Antonov Airlines: 139 percent growth in 2017

Antonov Airlines: 139 percent growth in 2017

Ukrainian carrier Antonov Airlines is a major carrier for the oil-and-gas industry. After transporting a 109-tonne rotor from Genoa, Italy, to Karachi, Pakistan, on one of its An-124-100 aircraft, the Ukrainian airline said energy-related equipment made up 80 percent of its traffic in 2017.

In today’s era of intense demand for general cargo, Antonov’s commercial manager, Martin Griffiths, said the market for its specialized, heavy-lift service was equally strong, boasting a record 139 percent increase in revenue tonne kilometers flown for energy projects in 2017.  This traffic included four flights from Slovenia to Mexico and 41 flights from the United States to Puerto Rico.

Antonov also upgraded two of its An-124-100 aircraft, allowing them to operate at their designed maximum payload of 150 tonnes.

Antonov Airlines is a cargo airline based in Kyiv, Ukraine, it is a division of the Antonov aviation company. The company owns the only Antonov An-225 in service worldwide — the largest cargo aircraft in the world. A 187.6 ton power plant generator was flown to Yerevan, Armenia, from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany, and the flight was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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