М&М Ukraine won the award “CHOICE OF UKRAINE 2016”

М&М Ukraine won the award “CHOICE OF UKRAINE 2016”

By results of 2016, M&M Ukraine became the first among the companies providing international freight forwarding service in Ukraine and got the status "The Choice of Ukraine 2016".  All the winners were identified as part of the Independent National Business Award "Choice of Ukraine". This National Business Award was initiated in 2012 by the International Congress and Convention Association ICCA headquartered in the Netherlands; the first independent national competition "Choice of Ukraine" was held in 2013.

The award confirms the honoree’s contribution to the development of Ukraine. It is not only a confirmation of hard work and well-deserved reputation in the eyes of customers, partners and competitors. It is also proof that the company follows an honesty-based code of conduct, pays taxes and contributions, takes care of their employees, creates jobs, introduces new technologies and helps drive a new type of professionalism-oriented economy.

The evaluation of the competitors was based on the audit of each company’s key economic indicators and a thorough evaluation by experts of products and services.

Beside the gold-plated medal  “Choice of Ukraine 2016” and the appropriate certificate for the entire M&M Ukraine organization, Our three managers were honored individually. Financial Director and Chief Accountant Irina Korol was distinguished with  the "Golden Hands" certificate that emphasizes the honoree’s significant contribution to the development and prosperity of the company, her organizational skills, high professionalism and unconditional devotion to the interests of the company and the team.

Victor Alexeev, Director of the Odessa Branch, and Victor Zinchuk, Head of The Groupage Cargo Department, both received the  "Professional of Year” certificate for their high degree of professionalism and competence, their flawless hard work and contribution to the development and prosperity of the company’s business activities.

This award is very important to us, especially in this difficult time. This is an appreciation of our achievements, of our almost 25 year-long experience. This award stresses M&M Ukraine’s high standard of quality and service, it confirms the advantages and leadership in our activities and also clearly proves the solvency, reliability and stability of M&M Ukraine.