China Supplier Search

China Supplier Search

If earlier there was a high demand for Chinese goods due to low affordable prices, nowadays, manufacturers are entering the market with high-quality original products. Many Ukrainian merchants are developing business in China; they are looking for new partners for cooperation with reliable guarantees. Most wholesalers face the following problems:

  • product defects, which causes problems with exchange or refund;
  • non-compliance with the quantity and quality of sold items due to inattention when forming a batch for shipment;
  • change in prices in the process of sending goods and terms of cooperation;
  • inaccurate information about the quantity and volume of the consignment sent;
  • non-compliance with the terms of dispatch, delivery, replacement of defective products;
  • deceit and lack of mutual understanding at other stages of cooperation.

Shipment Organization of Goods of the Selected Supplier

Due to a large number of wholesale and small wholesale buyers in Ukraine, goods transportation from China is in demand by any means of transport, namely by rail, road, or sea.

  1. Different volumes of shipment are formed into containers and prepared for transportation.
  2. During cargo clearance, containers are kept at temporary storage warehouses.
  3. Completion of the FEA procedure (foreign economic activity) in the direction of sending goods to Ukraine.
  4. After arriving at ports or railway stations, containers are waiting for customs clearance and enter the Ukrainian market through retail chains.

Features of Checking a Supplier from China

When cooperating with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, mutual understanding is not also found. In business partnerships, buyers often use the intermediary or a purchasing specialist.

  1. A person, who knows Chinese well, can go to the factory, and make a photo or video report on the established production, volumes, and quality of the goods produced.
  2. Thanks to the intermediary, buyers avoid being deceived by unreliable partners from China.
  3. The purchasing specialist helps select clothes that correspond to European sizes, check the quality of any goods, and recheck whether the wholesale lot is gathered in full before shipment.

Long-term experience of cooperation proves that turning to intermediary services is the only possible way to find a quality manufacturer and a trustworthy seller. Remotely, buyers can study the information provided on the Internet:

  • evaluate the reputation by reviews and the number of arbitration, if any;
  • the reliability and reality of production can be understood from the duration of work on the platform. The time of registration is indicated in the interface of each store;
  • “heart” icons are an important indicator of trust in the seller is. The best indicator is 5 “hearts” for less than 250 orders. The next level is a blue “crown”, which means that the seller has successfully processed 500,000 orders. A yellow or golden “crown” increases the degree of trust and indicates that from 1 to 10 million orders have been made in a store. The highest level of reliability is a “gold medal”, which is recommended for beginners to make their first orders.

To check the goodwill of a Chinese business partner, you can communicate with the supplier or manufacturer by e-mail or one of the available instant messengers. If the seller has the best ratings for all interface parameters and good reviews, you can place a trial order. Pay attention to the speed of sending the order:

  • if the goods are shipped within 1-2 days, then the buyer deals with the manufacturer and will receive original products;
  • if the shipment was delayed for more than four days, it is most likely that the customer contacted the intermediary who resells goods from another supplier.

When organizing cooperation with Chinese contractors, it is important to spend enough time to find a reliable supplier and a manufacturer of original products. Only in this case, you can count on a good profit from mutually beneficial cooperation.