How to By on TAO BAO?

How to By on TAO BAO?

TAO BAO is the largest representative of the global wholesale market. It sells any goods that are produced in China. AliExpress merchants use the TAO BAO service to order goods to their small shops. Naturally, the owners of retail chains in Ukraine are interested in cooperation with China’s largest hypermarketplace since it is the platform with cheap goods at wholesale prices. Containers with Chinese goods regularly arrive in Ukraine, which, after customs clearance, are sold on the territory of the country at low prices.

Cargo Transportation Organization

Not all business owners have a demand for large volumes. Thus, they are not ready to fill a shipping container with one order so they use a groupage type of transportation. Businessmen develop trade dynamically and gradually increase the wholesale lots that can be ordered on the TAO BAO trading platform. A reliable scheme for purchasing goods is as follows:

  • registration on the site;
  • search for goods and suppliers;
  • study of information about a product;
  • specification of the delivery address for shipment or registration of cargo transportation from China.

Ordering goods on the major Chinese online platform can be done in two ways:

  • selection of assortment and ordering through an intermediary. The original version of the site is made in Chinese; a large layer of information is lost during translation, the interface settings are off, so orders are better processed by intermediaries who offer low commissions;
  • verifying information about suppliers and manufacturers of goods, you can place an order without the intermediary. This will save money (i.e. a commission for the services of a checkout assistant).

Scheme of Work with Chinese Partners

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs have mastered working with suppliers directly from manufacturers to get the maximum margin on the selling allowance. The margin of purchases made from Chinese wholesalers is up to 100% or more, depending on the type of product group. The supplier is checked according to the following provisions:

  • checking the documentation through the CCI of the country of work, that is, China;
  • carrying out production inspection;
  • verification of the reputation of the manufacturer or seller by the name of the company or brand on specialized Internet resources.

When checking producer reputation, you can find information about the time of registration, production volumes, the presence of arbitrage in the history of interaction with buyers when sending bulk lots. The inspection of the factory is an important indicator to make sure that the production is real. In China, there are special intermediaries who can go to the place of work, shoot a short video report to let the wholesaler know about the quality of the goods produced.

Negotiations are held in English. If you use the services of a procurement specialist who knows Chinese, you can freely discuss all the nuances of cooperation. Before putting the goods in the container, it is necessary to check the volume, quantity, and quality of the shipment. The next step is to transfer money using a bank transfer. Financial settlements with foreign partners require:

  • timely submission of documents on the arrival and receipt of goods;
  • meeting the deadlines for importing goods into the country;
  • obtaining a unique contract number and terms for registering the order.

Goods from China are delivered in case of receiving a partial prepayment or sending money for the entire consignment. Containers are filled with groupage cargo and transported by sea, rail, road, or air. On the territory of Ukraine, the cargo undergoes customs clearance. Until the procedure is completed, the container is in a temporary storage warehouse.