The United States has a stable economy that provides high-quality technological goods that are transported around the world. Enterprises and private manufacturers of the United States export industrial and medical equipment, cars, spare parts for cars, agricultural machinery, textile products, clothes of famous brands to Ukraine by sea vessels.

Terms of Goods Delivery by Sea from the United States to Ukraine

There are regular linear routes between the USA and Ukraine from major American seaports. The average distance at which the nearest US port is placed from Ukraine is five thousand kilometers. In order to supply products from distant cities of the exported country, enterprises need to deliver goods of their own production to the port by road or rail within one to two days.

  1. Thousands of sea 40-foot containers are filled with consolidated shipments and form a common large batch of containers from different US cities.
  2. As they are collected, ships are sent to Ukraine with export goods.
  3. There are no exact delivery dates. For various reasons, they may be detained at the port at the stage of customs clearance, when submitting a container, and verifying shippers' numbers.
  4. Depending on weather conditions, sea cargo is subject to force majeure circumstances.

To send goods from the USA to Ukraine, it is necessary to fill in the AESDirect declaration. The ITN number from the bill of lading confirms that the declaration made for the export of goods is stored in the AES database. The number is a kind of code that stores the complete information about the product required by the US customs service.

Documents for Transporting Goods from the USA

The price-packing list is a complete list of the shipment, batch, parcel, indicating the cost of each unit of goods sent. In the case of the absence of an invoice, an estimated packing list is provided, in which they write the price of products in US dollars at market value; indicate weight, describe appearance, and other conditions. Before shipment, the US port control service has the right to request photocopies of the passport, visa, tax certificate. Import to Ukraine is regulated by the presence of an Invoice in the form of a Pro-forma. If the packing list has been compiled by US Customs, then this document will be converted into an Invoice Pro-forma.

As soon as the cargo has entered the ship, the carrier issues a bill of lading. This is the second important document for sea transportation of goods, which indicates the route and weight of the cargo, the name of the consignor, consignee, and other data. A sea bill of lading is an analog of a bill of lading for road transport.

An invoice for sea cargo accepted for transportation is a document containing all the important information about the transported goods:

  • weight;
  • volume;
  • physical and chemical properties that affect the conditions of transportation;
  • cost in US dollars.

The Packing List is attached to the invoice, but most firms attach a receipt for the purchased goods, indicating the prices for each item.

Among the additional documents that may be needed to send goods from the US to Ukraine, one can find:

  • a veterinary certificate;
  • a Health Certificate;
  • a document indicating the origin of the goods – the address of the manufacturer;
  • the packing list;
  • a certificate of the phytosanitary service;
  • a declaration on the degree of danger of the cargo, if the goods are classified as hazardous;
  • a certificate of fumigation – disinfection of goods and shipping containers, super containers.

Cargo delivery by sea from the USA to Ukraine is a popular and effective solution for developing market relations between both countries.