China is the major importer of almost all goods that can be found on the Ukrainian market. Products that require special storage conditions and high-speed delivery are also imported from the country. That is why air delivery from China is gaining popularity and is becoming an increasingly affordable way of goods shipping.

Cargo Shipping from the Western Country by Air

An airplane is a profitable solution if you do not want to wait for a long time for your cargo to arrive. This way of consignment transportation helps solve several problems at once:

  • Air delivery from China is the fastest way as the plane moves at a speed inaccessible to other types of transport. In addition, its movement is not limited by the terrain, road conditions, military operations, the presence of borders and border points, and other factors that can significantly affect the movement of land transport.
  • Air delivery from China to Ukraine will avoid the customs borders of other countries. This means that cargo is inspected only when it is sent and received. Parcels avoid the customs posts of countries, the borders of which are crossed by land transport. This saves a lot of time and money, no need to pay for a warehouse, wait in line, etc.

Delivery from China by plane also has some disadvantages; these include higher prices, which are related both to the cost of aviation fuel and some other features of this type of transportation. However, we are a partner of a large number of aviation companies, due to which we will be able to offer the most favorable prices and convenient routes. The competition among airlines is growing; because of this fact, they are ready to reduce prices and attract new customers.

The second disadvantage is that air delivery to or from China limits the volume of cargo and its weight. Oversized cargo cannot be delivered in this way. Besides, there is a list of goods that cannot be taken on board, although they are not prohibited for export, for example, pressure cylinders, flammable substances.

Our Services

If you need a well-planned air freight from China, the cost of which will be affordable, please contact us. Our company has great experience and a sufficient number of partners, due to which we guarantee high-quality service, low prices, and timely delivery of goods by the shortest route. We will develop the most profitable and fastest route especially for you.

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