Air delivery from the USA to Ukraine is a popular direction of ​​work for our company. The United States is a promising and long-standing trading partner of Ukraine. A variety of goods, ranging from food to cars and industrial equipment, are imported from this country. Our company provides fast and reliable delivery of all sorts of cargo.

Areas of Cooperation

A large number of goods come from the USA to the territory of Ukraine, including:

  • Food;
  • Clothing and textiles;
  • Appliances;
  • Spare parts for automobiles and industrial equipment;
  • Medicines and medical equipment;
  • Cars and motorcycles;
  • Luxuries;
  • Household and non-household goods;
  • Construction materials.

This is not a whole list of goods that Ukrainian entrepreneurs bring to the territory of the country since many cargoes arrive by sea. Yet, air delivery from Ukraine to the USA and vice versa is also gaining popularity. This way of transportation is most commonly used for perishable goods, luxury goods (such as gold jewelry), medicines, and medical equipment.

Features of Delivery by Air

Shipping by air has a number of features, due to which it is distinguished by its profitability and convenience. These include:

  1. High speed of delivery. A plane moves faster than any other type of transport and allows you to receive the shipped cargo on the same day or the next day if the flight is indirect.
  2. There is no need to check cargo at the customs of the countries, over the territories of which the route passes. The plane does not land in foreign ports; it crosses the border in the air, so parcels will be inspected only during loading and unloading, which significantly saves time and money for entrepreneurs.

Thus, air delivery of goods from the United States allows them to quickly bring them to the place of receipt, if the product is urgently needed, for example, medical equipment or medicinal serum, or it requires special storage conditions (perishable food). Shipping by plane is a great way to preserve the properties of the product and deliver it as quickly as possible. Of course, shipping by air increases their cost since this service is more expensive than other types of transportation. Yet, note that air delivery has some flaws. These include the point that this way of transportation is not suitable for all cargoes: for example, oversized cargo is not taken to the airport.

If you need to ship a parcel from the USA to Ukraine by plane, our company will help you and provide the most favorable terms of cooperation and discounts. By contacting us, you can order a turnkey service, and you will be satisfied with the quality of the work performed.

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