''M&M Militzer and Muench Ukraine GmbH'' placed its airfreight departments directly at cargo sites of Boryspil International and Odessa airports in order your cargo is handled and shipped as soon as possible. Our staff had been trained by IATA and is certified to ship any cargo, Dangerous Goods including.

At the maximum balance of rate/quality we offer you:

1 Shipping by air or multimodal with daily information in regard of your goods location at given time
2 Customs clearance (export, import, transit, etc.)
3 Door-to-door service in any country of the world
4 Handling and packing
5 Insurance, consulting services re customs regulations and most effective way to transport your goods
6 Arranging charter flights
7 Any related service in logistics, for example - goods consolidation at one airport, etc.

You can find our companies and representative offices at any country of the world. We will do our best to meet all your requirements and offer you most effective transportation way regardless of what you are shipping - be it one kilo or ten tons.

In addition to variety of service we offer flexible rates structure in every single case - can be of interest to any customer.

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