Dealing with the insurance of transported goods is the most complicated part of shipment organization. After all, a company that provides cargo transportation services must choose (and offer) the customer the most optimal program to cover possible risks, with insurance of which the cost of delivery of goods will be economically justified.

International conventions governing export-import operations limit the carrier’s financial liability. Thus, in the case of an insured accident, most often the customer receives only partial compensation, which does not always cover losses in full.

The liability limit of M&M Militzer&Münch Ukraine GmbH is 7'500'000 euros (INSURANCE CERTIFICATE). This significant amount allows you to compensate for losses associated with full or partial damage to the transported property. We also carry out additional goods insurance, organize armed cargo escort on the way with the participation of experienced specialists from combat units.

Cargo insurance during transportation must meet international standards. The procedure for issuing insurance documents takes just half an hour or even less. The insurance rate (contribution as a percentage of the insured amount) is calculated taking into account the following criteria:

  • the category of cargo;
  • the amount of insurance compensation;
  • the necessity to escort cargo with armed forces, and other factors.

The client has the right to choose the most acceptable type of cargo insurance for international transport from the possible options (cargo can be insured only during transportation, upon shipment, during the period of temporary storage in the warehouse, or throughout the entire journey). The last point guarantees the safety of cargo from the moment the goods are received by the consignor until the moment they are delivered to the consignee.

We have been successfully cooperating with the most reliable insurance companies for a long time, which enables us to offer profitable and well-grounded solutions for our customers.

In the event of an insured accident, the employees of M&M Militzer&Münch Ukraine GmbH will provide effective assistance in all matters related to the payment of compensation (the organization of an inspection of cargo that suffered damage, collecting the necessary documents for calculating the insured amount, etc.)

We always make sure that the cargo insurance compensation is paid in full, without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures, and long waiting times. We always succeed in this task; our clients are never disappointed with the actions of insurance companies.

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