Nowadays, groupage cargo transportation has become very popular among multiple companies in Ukraine. At first glance, the delivery of this kind of parcels requires more time for the consolidation of products and the formation of a batch. Due to the use of not the whole container but just a part of it, the cost of shipment reduces, and an entrepreneur can save a lot of funds on products delivery. Groupage products transportation is an opportunity to effectively and fully use the cargo space of a car or other vehicle, which means making the transportation cost lower!

Groupage shipments are ideal for those customers who expect to bring, for example, samples, a small or trial consignment of new products.

To carry out this transportation, we will optimally select a vehicle that is located close to your site. This will allow clients to significantly save money without additional costs for the delivery and idle run of the vehicle while guaranteeing prompt delivery times. Groupage cargo transportation requires a logistic analysis of counter-commercial offers, which are efficiently processed by our skilled employees.

The main advantages typical for groupage and passing shipment are the economy and convenience of transportation. Significant savings are achieved through efficient use of cargo space and convenient door-to-door delivery.

The services of delivery of groupage cargo and associated goods, provided by our company, are not only saving your time and money but also serve as an absolute guarantee of the highest level of service!

Our company “M&M Militzer&Münch Ukraine LLC” is part of the M&M Militzer&Münch International Holding AG, which has more than 100 branches in more than 30 countries. More than 2,600 employees cater to customers throughout the world. A branched network of subsidiaries of “M&M Militzer&Münch International Holding AG” and our regular partners allow us to guarantee the availability of sufficient freight transport to solve the tasks of any level of complexity.

We offer widespread and high-quality services in organizing the delivery of groupage cargo! Our skilled employees cope with any task provided by our clients and provide the most effective solutions for arranging products shipping. Contact us, and we’ll concern about the timely and safe delivery of your goods.

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