Militzer & Muench Ukraine GmbH Freight Land Groupage department is honored to offer you quality service in International forwarding of consolidated cargo.

At time we enjoy partnership of more than 300 exporters and importers in theUkraine, forwarders and agents in Eastern and Western Europe and C.I.S. Countries.

M&M International Forwarders runs quite a network of warehouses in Eastern and Western  Europe servicing regular consolidated cargo routes and rendering all related services in warehousing and delivery of shipments.

M &M Militzer & Muench Ukraine GmbH is proud to offer you full service portfolio including all related services prior to shipping and after it.

We ship to Eastern Europe from Western Europe countries in close partnership with German, French, Italian and Polish companies, incorporated into M&M International Forwarders.

We consolidate cargo at logistic terminals:

Germany: M&M Militzer & Muench Euronational Spedition GmbH, D-95032 Hof/ Saale
Poland: M&M Service Sp.z.o.o, PL-05-800 Pruszkow
Bulgaria: M&M Militzer & Muench BG OOO, BG-1336 Sofia
France: M&M Militzer & Muench France S.A, F-77467 Paris
United Kingdom: M&M Redhead, Rainham, Essex RM13 8UH
Switzerland: M&M Militzer & Muench AG, CH-4052 Basel 

Wide network of M&M International Forwarders can arrange daily pick up from any Western European location and delivery to our warehouses within 24 hours, that enables us to guarantee  quality and ''just in time'' service, that is regardless of the date we receive your order, your cargo will be moved next day.

In close partnership with trucking companies we assure optimum solution in delivery of your shipment to any Ukrainian, C.I.S. or European location.

In case we are ordered urgent delivery, we use small trucks of 1,5, 2 tons, 3,5 and 4 tons capacity. We carry just your shipment, this way we save your time.

M&M Militzer & Muench GmbH offers you complete service package in compliance with high quality standards in Eastern and Western European countries.

Should there be your wish and instruction, we contact your supplier and come to agreement re time in transit and truck capacity. Soon the shipment is in our warehouse we check the number of pieces and packing integrity.

We offer you full service portfolio:

packing, repacking, labelling
palletizing and commissioning
warehouse records monitoring
export documents issued (T-1, AE)
Carnet TIR and CMR issued
Our mission is complex and quality solution to your needs at competitive pricing level. Permanent and continuous monitoring of transportation market enables us to reach top effectiveness, that is maximum service at minimum price. Our number 1 criteria is individual approach to our customers ''needs and wishes - that''s what our service is focused on.

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