International Conventions and Agreements, regulating export / import carriage of goods, as a rule stipulate limited carrier''s liability, that is amount of compensation if losses occur during carriage s not always match the real damage to the goods.

"M&M Militzer and Muench Ukraine GmbH" liability limit amounts to EUR 7'500'000 (INSURANCE CERTIFICATE), this way the company is able to compensate customer''s losses completely in case of partial or full damage to cargo while carried.

When requested, we arrange additional insurance of goods, armed convoy and security.

Insurance is effected in accordance with standard international conditions ''all risks covered'' with standard reservations. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. Insurance contributions (fee in percentage of insurance amount)  is determined according to goods nature, insurance coverage amount, the presence of guards, etc. Your shipment can be insured for all time in carriage, that is from the moment we pick up from the shipper up to the moment we deliver to final consignee.

Should insurance case occurs, "M&M Militzer and Muench Ukraine GmbH" staff will be there to help with damaged cargo examination and with acquiring all the documents necessary to effect compensation.

We do care that our customers receive their compensation without problems and unnecessary red tape (bureaucracy) if insurance case occurs.

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