International Trucking is the core business of ''M&M Militzer and Muench Ukraine GmbH''. We have been accumulating experience in the field from 1992, thus we ensure transportation of any kinds of cargo and equipment by any vehicle type.

Most frequently we use tilt and all metal truck trailers with loading volume from 82 up to 120 cubic meters, ADR equipped vehicles to transport Dangerous Goods, refrigerators and isotherms, small capacity trucks and special vehicles to carry oversized and heavy-weight cargo.

To ensure that we always meet our obligations in regard of time in transit and volume-wise, we have concluded direct long term contracts with fleet owners of the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Russian Federation, Byelorussia and Lithuania. Our major origins and destinations are in:

Eastern and Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Check Republic and Switzerland Scandinavia and Baltic states: Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

Besides direct trucking you can order full service, related to goods delivery:

Special agreement in regard of time in transit and shipping details
Intra Europe trucking
Full warehouse service in Europe (offloading, loading, goods commissioning, labeling, repacking, storage)
Customs clearance (EX-1, T-1, Carnet-TIR, CMR, etc.)
Tracking and tracing - exact location of your shipment at given time
Customs clearance in the Ukraine
Full warehouse service
Guarded security and convoy

Highly-qualified employees of M&M Militzer and Muench Ukraine GmbH know all the ins and outs of freight transportation. And that means:
Without hesitation you can entrust us with all the operations of international truckload transportation placing greater focus on your commercial solutions.

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