LCL is decrypted as Less than Container Load. In sea freight, this kind of shipment means that parcels are transported in consolidated lots, which are completed by piece units and container volumes”. A unified sea container has become the main method of international delivery of goods.

When choosing LCL shipping, a client’s import or export cargo is combined with other shippers’ goods to fill the container.

LCL goods shipment is performed by the NVOCC carrier. This is a sea carrier that issues a bill of lading for parcel carriage by ships. NVOCC reserves containers of shipping companies based on forecasts of traffic to different destinations and can offer container space for small LCL cargo at a lower cost than FCL (that stands for “full container load”).

Containerized LCL goods are shipped to major ports on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Shipments to ports of secondary importance are less frequent and can be performed every two to three weeks, depending on the destination. Sometimes, this leads to the need to wait for the container to fill.

When dispatched to ports of secondary importance, cargo can be unloaded at the transshipment point, where a vessel will wait for the container to be reloaded before continuing on to its final destination.

In the case of LCL carriage, one big consignment is formed from dozens of small parcels directly in the warehouse located in the port.

The Cost of LCL Shipment

The cost of international carriers LCL transportation is calculated taking into account the destination, volume, and weight of the cargo, and the client pays only for the space occupied by the consignment in the container. If the volume exceeds 353 cubic feet, it is recommended to compare prices between FCL and LCL. Typically, FCL shipping is more economical when the volume of the consignment exceeds 530 cubic feet.

In addition to reducing the cost of goods delivery, the LCL option is beneficial due to the optimal use of cargo space, fixed delivery times, monitoring the location of goods, as well as the safety of goods during the voyage.

Our company is ready to assist clients in preparing LCL consignment shipment. Our skilled employees will take your duties on their shoulders and arrange the best possible delivery. Mangers will discuss all the details and demands with the clients and develop the most effective solution for every case.

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