Are you looking for an effective solution for the delivery of any cargo. The essence of this option is that several contractors at once carry our delivery, and different types of vehicles are engaged in the process. Nowadays, this direction of international shipping has gained great popularity due to the possibility of door-to-door delivery to various parts of the world.

Multimodal carrier services allow clients to send cargo without worrying about its safety, possible delays at the border, and other force majeure. A delivery organization scheme has been perfected over many years. Multimodal transportation of goods is a complicated and responsible task: for high-quality delivery, maximum coordination and consistency of actions of all participants of a shipping chain are required. At the same time, the involvement of the cargo owner in the transport process is minimalized.


This type of shipment has the following benefits:

  1. Reduced costs. The customer enters into an agreement with one company but not with several, which allows minimizing costs.
  2. Reducing delivery time. If the customer arranges the whole transportation process himself, then he will have to negotiate with several companies. In the case of multimodal type, shipment is not handled by the customer but by a contractor. An authorized company will find all participants of the shipping chain and conclude contracts with them.
  3. Optimization of cargo delivery. In some cases, goods transportation by one transport from point A to point B is expensive. With the help of multimodal transportation, it is possible to split the route into several parts so that the delivery of consignments is carried out by different means of transport. This will not only save money but also speeds up shipment.
  4. Contractors assume all responsibility. If the damaged cargo is delivered to the recipient, the contractor will have to pay fair monetary compensation.
  5. No need to collect a large number of documents. The customer needs to collect only one package of documents and hand them over to the contractor.

M&M is a Reliable Contractor

Our agency provides international multimodal transportation of goods by sea, air, and auto road. We control cargo at all stages of its delivery and use an efficient scheme of export-import transportation, carried out in all countries of the world. Our main benefits include:

  • Product “door-to-door” delivery in the shortest possible time.
  • Full control over cargo movement at all stages.
  • The development of the most optimal shipping routes based on the customer’s demands.
  • A huge experience in the sphere of international cargo shipment.
  • The development of individual transport routes at the request of the customer.

Our employees are ready to fulfill any of your shipping orders. Call us now!

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