Air cargo transportation from Europe is a profitable solution for those who value their time and cannot wait several weeks for the cargo to arrive by land. Aviation has a number of advantages, which we will discuss below.

Features of Air Shipment

Air delivery of goods from Europe is a profitable and fast way to bring the following goods:

  • Perishable foodstuffs;
  • Appliances;
  • Jewelry and luxury goods;
  • Furniture;
  • Medicine and medical equipment;
  • Private parcels and small trial consignments;
  • Textile;
  • Spare parts for transport.

Yet, keep in mind that not everything can be loaded onboard the airplane since certain requirements are imposed on the size and weight of the cargo. In addition, parcels should not be dangerous. In most cases, entrepreneurs turn to air shipment if they want their products to arrive on the day of departure. Picking airplane transportation helps avoid many problems:

  • The minimum number of cargo inspections.
  • All borders are crossed in the air, so there is no need to stand at the customs control posts of each crossed country.
  • Saving time.
  • If goods are perishable, they are guaranteed not to deteriorate during transportation.
  • An excellent solution if a product is needed urgently, for example, medicines.

Air delivery from Europe has long ceased to be inaccessible due to the high price. Of course, the cost of shipment is higher than delivery by land or sea, but in some cases, it can be even more profitable. For example, when land transport needs to overcome a long distance with dangerous parts of a route or difficult terrain. In addition, airline carriers develop their businesses and offer customers new profitable options for cooperation, convenient routes, and big discounts. Thus, groupage cargo is one of the novelties that is designed to make air delivery of goods from Europe more affordable.

Our Services

Our company offers profitable and fast air delivery from Europe to Ukraine at the best prices. We have been working on the market for over 12 years and have well-developed partnerships, due to which we can offer our clients favorable conditions and low prices.

In addition, we provide full legal support for your cargo. We employ experienced specialists who are well-versed in the specifics of international and customs law. We offer our services at favorable rates for the client and guarantee a high quality of service.

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